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The leading experts of windexperts Prüfgesellschaft mbH have been active in the wind energy industry for more than 20 years. As a team of currently 21 experts with the most diverse qualifications and, in the meantime, more than 25.000 wind turbines tested, we are your first point of contact when it comes to commissioning inspections, end of warranty inspections, condition-oriented inspections, periodic inspections, continued operation etc. We offer our assessments for onshore and offshore wind farms.

  • long-term experience
  • expert knowledge
  • regular training
  • safety training
  • latest technical equipment
  • exploitation of network synergies


In 2002 four experts agreed: Sharing knowledge and experience is the best solution to provide their customers with the maximum benefit. After more than 25.000 inspections of various wind energy converters, this project has matured to a brand which is firmly established in the wind industry.


windexperts Prüfgesellschaft mbH was founded in 2002 by four publicly appointed and sworn experts with many years of professional experience. It forms the core of a network in wind energy technology. Since 2021, the company has been held by a total of six shareholders. One shareholder is also responsible for the management of windexperts Prüfgesellschaft mbH.


With a total of five independent network offices and 21 experts, the windexperts network is spread all over Germany. Thus, investigations can involve interdisciplinary cooperation and a common infrastructure can be used. Inland and coastal locations in Germany and abroad are quickly accessible, much to the benefit of our customers, such as operators, investors, insurers, wind turbine manufacturers, and maintenance companies.